Design Tips

Where do I begin designing?

After choosing the size and orientation of your poster, you can begin designing by choosing a popular template, or click design studio button on the bottom.  

How do I change the background?

You can change the background by choosing the colour from the swatch provided or select the + add button and it will allow you to add an image from our collection or you can upload your own by using the upload button to upload from your computer or device. (Please Note: The site will not allow you to use a file that is too small to use as a background).  

How do I add pictures or logo?

You can add logos and pictures you click on the add button under image area. You can crop, resize and upload your own images by selecting the button a the bottom and uploading the images from your computer. Online Poster Designer will limit the ability to resize the image depending on the image size uploaded.  

How do I change the Text and Spacing?

You can change the text size, style and placement in the text editing area below the main display area. To leave a line blank you need to add a space in the line to leave it blank, otherwise the next line of text will go below the last line of text.